Since a young age, Stephanie has been passionate about community works and philanthropy. As a young skater, she participated in the annual Symphony on Ice production which was a benefit for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots holiday fundraiser.

Stephanie volunteered her time to serve on the Town of Hamden Energy Use and Climate
Change Commission which focused on creating energy efficient options for town buildings and awareness to the residents on climate change and energy saving techniques. She continues to work to expand climate change awareness and environmental protections the world over, to help ensure future generations will see a cleaner, healthier planet.

Stephanie spent several years serving her time on the Merchant Acquirer Committee’s Government Relations Committee. Combining her interests of law and business, her time on the committee was spent educating those in the acquiring payments processing space with the latest laws, policies, and best business practices from a federal level. Stephanie is also a member of W.Net, a non-profit organization for women in payments, which helps build leadership, empowerment, and education for women across the payments industry. 

When the events of 1 October occurred in her city of Las Vegas, Stephanie knew she needed to help in any way she could. She immediately gathered needed supplies and food items which
she delivered to first responders around the city and then volunteered her time at the Las Vegas Convention Center where organizations gathered food, toiletries, and such, packaged the items and then were distributed to victims and families at the various hospitals and waiting areas. She also assisted in planting of trees at the Memorial Park in downtown Las Vegas.

In 2009, Stephanie ran the Boston Marathon raising funds for Mass Eye and Ear. Her very good friend had developed a rare eye infection and relied on the good folks at Mass Eye and Ear to help treat the ongoing infection. Wanting to support her friend, Stephanie joined the Mass Eye and Ear marathon team to raise awareness and funds for the hospital.

Stephanie played in several charity gold tournaments and she served as a member of the Golf Committee for the New Haven Chamber of Commerce in New Haven, CT.

Stephanie also continuously supports and donates to charities and organizations she holds dear to her heart.